Forum Post – “Rock Show Lighting in 12 hours”

Forum Post – “Rock Show Lighting in 12 hours”

“I just got roped in by a presenter to do the lighting designer for a rock band fest ultra last minute. The truss is going up tonight, tomorrow is hang and focus, and day after the fest starts. I haven’t met the company they have hired to provide the lights, all I’ve been told is that the equipment list is: 80 paars 6 moving head spots (with around 8 different gobos) 6 moving head washes 1 follow spot And the console is an Avolite Pearl 2004. My background is dance lighting, for small stages with conventional lights; I’ve worked with one or two moving lights as specials before, but nothing on the scale that a rock show requires. I’ve been frantically youtubing all the bands to try to get a sense of their music (since I don’t have a set list or anything), as well as googling to find any tips about rock concert dos and don’ts. There will be programmer attached with the company providing the equipment, so luckily I don’t need to learn a new console. There’s isn’t any time earmarked for light tech; and its outdoors so the only time to play with lights will be at night, whenever hang and focus is over. I’d love any advise about what my priorities should be. I haven’t done much busking, so even things that seem obvious would be useful to hear. Thanks!”


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