Library of Birmingham Amphitheater

Library of Birmingham Amphitheater

So I thought I was being incredibly clever when visiting the library by thinking the rotunda would make a fantastic and unconventional performance space. Not only does it have a 360 degree viewing perimeter, it is on two levels.

Turns out they knew this and I was being slow…

‘The outdoor amphitheatre promises to become a hugely popular feature of the new building upon completion. Accessible from the music and children’s sections of the Library of Birmingham, the amphitheatre will provide the perfect space for outdoor performance and activity which can be viewed from onlookers in the above Centenary Square.’


I enquired as to how I might utilise the space and managed to meet with a staff member. He showed me the ground plans but also informed me that

a) the space could only be used for council approved performances

b) they were not looking into any further ‘performance enhances’ such as lighting.


2014-03-20 15.33.32


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