Promotional Photographs

Once our styling was settled upon, I was keen to try and get a professional photographer in to take some promotional photos.

Location-wise, I knew exactly where I wanted them taken – the top floor of Albert’s Chophouse, the restaurant in which we play weekly. The top few floors are unused and derelict – in keeping with the design choices of the Demo artwork. The building itself is over 200 years old and situated in Albert Square in the centre of Manchester. It has a clear heritage and the architecture is very distinctive and quite beautiful in a run down sort of way.

As for the photographer, I decided to aim high and took a bit of a punt. Paul Wolfgang Webster is a Manchester based photographer who is best known for ‘Made in the North’ – a series of portraits of Mancunian icons such as Tony Wilson and Clint Boon. I had also met him at the Chophouse a few times and gotten on with him fairly well…

I decided to write to him to invite him down to watch us play and to photograph us upstairs after the show. And he agreed!




I was over the moon with the photos and think they help make us look far more professional than we perhaps are…




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