Demo Artwork

For the Demo artwork I combined the Barnabus imagery, the photography and the showcase text.

B rex cds B Rex Cover CD


The text reads as follows:

(Front cover:)





(Flash or text quote:)

“If you heard Joe’s voice on the radio

you would know it was him, instantly!

A 21st century Johnny Cash.”




(Back cover:)

Winter is Coming

Just Another day

The Rain song


Cruel to be kind


The Tigh na Creige Sessions I

Barnabus Rex are an emerging blues-rock band from Manchester, England.

They formed in summer 2013. This demo CD is the first chapter in their story. These tracks tell you something about their song writing, their interests and how they play.

They learned about recording in the studios at Blueprint and Castle Rock, but most of these tracks were laid down and mixed by them in a cottage by the sea on the west coast of Scotland.

Tigh na Creige is remote, beautiful and quiet. It’s a window on a very different world, where the mountains, the sea and the constantly-changing winds set the tone. Far from urban distraction, it is the perfect place to forge a new and very individual musical identity.

The boys will be back, so it’s unlikely ever to be so quiet again.


1. Winter is Coming (Spike Ward, Ethan James), 2. Just Another Day (George Moran, Spike Ward, Ethan James), 3. The Rain Song (Jimmy Page, Robert Plant), 4. Lucky (Ethan James, Spike Ward), 5. Cruel to be Kind (Spike Ward)

Recorded at Tigh na Creige and mixed by Andy Goddard and Ethan James – save for Just Another Day and Cruel to be Kind, which were recorded and mixed at Castle Rock by Stuart Armriding. Thanks Stu, you taught us loads. All the mistakes are ours.

© Barnabus Rex, 2013. All rights reserved. Unauthorised hiring, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.


To find out more about Barnabus Rex, please get in touch.






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