Before – Visualisations

After careful consideration, I have decided that I would like to use animation rather than actual footage. There are various reasons for this:

  • It is far easier to characterise non-humans (such as birds) as well as attain ‘footage’ – You can easily direct a bird in an animation.
  • Animations are less grounded in the physical world. Animations are not constrained by the laws of physics in the way that live action films are.
  • It is easier to create a fantastical landscape in an animation whilst sticking to a low budget as it is dictated by what can be animated; not the capabilities of a film’s crew, cameras and location.
  • Similarly, it is far easier to create a distinctive visual style. Graphically, an animation will generally work better in a live music setting too as they can utilise blocks of colour which will help to light the performance space whilst not interfering with the light show.

Though I have seen film used incredibly well as an accompaniment for live music, I think animation would be a far more sensible direction given my means.



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