Once the character of Barnabus was realised, I had a clearer idea on many other directions to explore.

I played around with Barnabus design graphically – essentially to see what could work to provide different options to present to the band. At first, I tried reducing the image down to a few colours – Che stlye – and played around with some bright background colours.

barnabus rex character simplified

Personally, I like the simplicity of this and think it’s quite strong visually – it stands out. I was outvoted though in favour ‘something grittier’.

Barnbus Rex Grunge

I used the same ‘Guevara’d’ Barnabus design but laid it over a photograph I took of a dilapidated section of wall in my garage. I applied a filter to the image to ‘cartoonise’ it a bit and made the Barnabus slightly transparent. Once the band had given their approval I set about finding text.

B for rex 2_edited-6

This is the Cover Photo that I created for our Facebook Page but was also used for business cards.

Demo cover

After the strong response to the above visuals, we decided to use it as the cover to the demo we had recorded over summer. (This image is greener than usual to account for the printer we were using). This is not the final cover for the Demo – before I can show you that I need to talk about promotional photos…


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