Brand Vs Paxman

So this has been all over my facebook…

As a part of the ‘disenchanted youth’, politics has never really grabbed my attention. Of course, I am completely reliant on it but voting always seemed to be choosing between the lesser of two evils. In fact, having just turned 18 at the last general election, I asked a mate who was into politics but still 17 who to vote for. On his advice I ended up voting Lib Dem so sorry about that – my bad I guess, blame him…

But that’s largely my point. I don’t particularly think age should have anything to do with your ability to vote but instead, how informed you are. I can’t stand the idea of a well thought out and justified vote one way being cancelled out by an uninformed vote to the rival party. Uninformed votes are often based on trivial stimuli focussed on individuals rather than the ideas and goals of the party. Surely the right to vote should be dictated by an individual’s knowledge of the political climate and the manifestos of the major parties rather than their age? Not on knee-jerk reactions to relatively inconsequential aspects such as Gordon Brown’s ‘bigoted woman’ remark or a candidate’s ability as an orator.

In the interview above, Russell Brand argues his points fairly well. He has a well honed comic flair and impressive vocabulary along with a ‘man of the people’ vibe which comes as a refreshing change to the manner that I am often exposed to political expression. He talks about many of the ways he views our political systems in the West to be broken and suggests that the solution is to not vote and the systems will quickly be reviewed.

While I agree with almost all his ideas in theory (in practice, less so) the way in which people seem to be sharing the video and jumping on the band wagon with Brand’s views is akin to the knee-jerk reactions that form much of my issues with the voting system. While I do not disagree with the majority of Brand’s points I whole heartedly feel that his solution will be bad news.

Politics is so vast and sprawling that it is impossible to implement one change without affecting another. There is no right answer or solution. To be valid, an opinion must be heavily considered and informed. We must be aware of the genealogy of our views and opinions and be realise that some are held because they are complementary to us; some are held as a knee-jerk reaction to insufficient data to be truly substantial.

Beware of Knee-Jerk Reactions

Beware of Any Opinion that Flatters Your Own Position


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