Before – Musical Breakdown

  • 90 bpm
  • 4.33m
  • 84 bars

The below image is a screen shot from Logic, the production software I used for the writing of the track. The instruments are displayed on the Y axis and the time (bars) is represented on the X axis.

There are 5 main sections within the composition of the piece: Opening/Verse – Chorus – Verse – Chorus – Outtro. Within these however are a total of 9 sections that have distinct ‘feels’. These are outlined below.

Before - Music Breakdown JPG

I want to assign the different characters and plot developments to each of these sections to best match the tone of the visuals to the tone of the song.

Here’s what the music’s saying…

Verse 1:

  • Very gradual build from silence.
  • Strings and Organ.
  • Electronic Drum Kit

Verse 2:

  • Guitar
  • Synths
  • Bass

Verse 3:

  • Live Drums
  • Full Instrumentation
  • String Harmonies Realised
  • Built almost to full


  • Chorus melody
  • Full Intensity
  • First half – Swing
  • Second Half – Quicker

Verse 4:

  • Same as Verse 2

Verse 5:

  • Same as Verse 3


  • Same as Chorus

Outtro 1:

  • Four bars
  • Largely FinalGuitar, Bass and Drums
  • Grinding
  • Relentless
  • Monotonous

Outtro 2:

  • Melody emerges
  • String and Organ reappear
  • Final Climax – Realisation of the song’s crescendo
  • Guitar harmonies emerge on top of melody.



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