I have decided to use my own song for the performance. Its working title is ‘Before’ but that was merely the first thing that popped into my head – it’s an instrumental piece with no lyrics to draw inspiration from so the title should reflect the overall themes of my film and performance. I’ll come up with a fitting name once this is clearer.

I am booked in to a recording studio this coming sunday to finalise the song – I can do a fair amount of work using software instruments on my laptop but I am going to put organic guitar, bass and drums onto the track as well. I can do the former at home but need a studio space to do the drums to any standard and although I have a little experience of mixing tracks, I’m nowhere near good enough to get the track sounding as ‘epic’ as I’d like it to.

I think this track will be great to work too. The obvious perks of designing to my own music aside, it has a very cinematic feel and lends itself to visual accompaniment. On top of this, since deciding to use it for this project I have started to develop sections further to make it even more cinematic – inserting stabs for flashing imagery and generally working on the songs overall build. The finished piece will gradually crescendo, culminating in an intense outtro – all of which I can emulate with the video and lighting.

Anyhoo, here is the track as it currently stands:


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