I have been provided with three Catalysts to inform the Negotiated Project.

These are:

  • The play The Birds by Aristophanes

I really enjoyed The Birds and thought it was full of fantastic imagery as well as providing an interesting insight into ancient Athenian ideology and culture.

  • The song Chemical by UNKLE and feat. Josh Homme

This is a great song. I had not listened to UNKLE before but have been a big fan of Homme for a while and it was interesting hearing his distinctive musical style (vocally and his guitar playing) intertwined with UNKLE’s brand of trip-hop. This is particularly noticeable after listening to the song Chemistry from UNKLE’s previous album that is near identical save for Homme’s input. The song is fast paced and explosive but also feels cinematic from the instrumentation.

  • The animation Street of Crocodiles by The Brothers Quay



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