Unleashed: The Best in the North

Unleashed: The Best in the North

This summer I worked as a curator for Unleashed: The Best in the North, an annual art competition in Tom’s Chophouse, a restaurant in Manchester City Centre. Unleashed invites third year illustration students from all over the North West to sent in prints which are then judged, hung and auctioned – all for charity. My role in this begins after the judging has taken place and as the hanging process is beginning. I had to assess all the available wall space and ensure that each print was hung in a way as to make it look as good as possible. This meant considering its surroundings, subject matter, tone, colour and clarity. It was important to consider the positioning of each piece carefully, to ensure that each made the most amount of money possible come the auction. 

This is the third time that I have worked at The Chophouse and feel I have improved each time. Each year, more prints are submitted and this year we have even had to reject a few due to space constraints – this was also my responsibility (not too pleasant). I think this is a valuable use of my time as I am essentially redressing and existing space and it is my responsibility to make sure the final exhibition looks as good as possible.

I work on the ethos that good work displayed poorly can look poor; poor work displayed well can look good. It’s my job to use both these principals to sell as much art as I can.


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