MUSE – Etihad Stadium 1/06/13

ImageStadium tours are the pinnacle for any rock group, providing both a platform to perform to 60.000 people in one go and a huge playground for any theatrics, for which MUSE are well known. Having been at the top of their game for the last six years at least though, it feels as though they may be running out of ideas and with each tour needing to outdo the last, any sense of reserve has been completely lost.

…not that that’s a bad thing though

With each song something new seemed to happen, from huge pyrotechnics to a 5m robot. During ‘Endlessly’, a huge lightbulb floated around the arena before dropping an acrobat beneath to perform. Live actors were used during a few songs who worked their way through the crowds – something I had not previously seen and thought was highly effective. All this was topped off with exceptional computer graphics, lasers and light show.

The stage (designed by Es Devlin) itself was built in such a way to allow the band to perform from numerous vantage points and they seemed to teleport between them through the use of trap doors. Though excessive and overtly over-the-top, the show was immersive and never ceased to be entertaining. MUSE have their critics and there are many that criticise their bombastic showmanship but I loved every moment of it.  


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