Music Selection

The choice of music is a very important aspect, as it will inevitably affect if not dictate the entire visual aspect of the performance. Songs in different tempos and different keys will require different visuals.

So, at a point where I have studied all the catalysts, I have built an array of responses to both The Birds and Chemistry. UNKLE then would be a logical choice of song for my performance and I’ve talked about how I feel it lends itself to visuals. However, also tempting is a song by my band – Winter is Coming. Both have their advantages – Chemistry is faster, demanding an intense show and would grant a larger audience from its relative fame. It would also demand that I study the song intensely and respond as a designer to someone else’s music. Conversely, by using my own song I would be developing ideas from music I was involved in crafting to make a coherent and uniformly designed performance. I could also directly apply the performance to our shows which is also a definite draw.

Another song I have in the works at the moment (but in quite a rough state) is called . It’s an instrumental, largely made up of MIDI strings and organ but I’d like to overlay an organic drum kit as well as guitar and bass when I get round to it. It definitely has an epic and atmospheric feel that is crying out for visual accompaniment; more of a score than a song per se. Provided I get the song to a point that I’m happy with, I’d also love to use it in this performance.

There are certain questions I will need to answer in the coming weeks about the music I use, regarding the tempo and dynamics for instance. At this point I will need to settle on a final piece to use. Until then I am happy to continue exploring different avenues and develop the visual style I want to achieve with which I can then make an informed choice about the music selection. There’s a definite appeal though to putting on a performance that is completely mine; my music and my design.

ooooh this is exciting


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